Autel or launch X431 is better Car scanner and diagnostic tool Autel VS Launch

Autel VS Launch VS AutelFor Korean and Japan car launch is better while for European cars Autel devises is better

Comparison between launch x431 series scanner And Autel Ma犀利士
xisys, maxidas , maxipro…

1. Free Update period
Launch update is 3 years for most of the Scanners while Autel has 2 years of update

2. Software inception and protection

Launch is built the inception on the VCI so if you lose the vci then you must buy new one and shift the account to it
And if you lose the tablet then you just have to buy the tablet and log in your username and password

Autel built the software inception on the tablet so if you lose the tablet then all lost and if you lose the vci then easly you might buy the vci

3. Update cost

Autel update cost is very expensive over launch which is so resonable in update cost

4. Additional equipment added to the devise

Launch allow you to add key programing vvdi while autel don’t have this option and you need to buy stand alone devise

Some model of Autel has both scanning and key programing in one devise

Launch allow you to add tpms gun that can program the sensores while Autel don’t have the option to add this devise and you need to buy stand alone TPMS tool like TOMS TS508 or ITS600

We need to mension here that some model of Autel has the TPMS Function built inside , like Maxipro mp808ts, maxicheck mx808ts

Both launch and Autel allow you to add vedio scope camera and battery tester


Autel is more advanced and better when it comes to key programing tool

6. Ip restrictions
Both have ip restrictions on the dealer version
And both have online version that can work on any place (open IP address)

7. TPMS Sensor programing and re learn
Autel is better than launch

8. Price level

Autel is more expansive than launch

9. Reports
Bothe gives the user the scanning report but Autel have cloud base that give you the option to download the report easily

10. Hevey duty scanner

Launch X431 pro 3 HD is better, cheaper and easier to use than Autel Maxisys CV

Autel have the option to buy only stand alone devise while launch allow to add the HD Module in many modeles