G-Scan3 Scanner جي سكان ل فحص السيارات

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  • Higher Performance CPUEquipped with a powerful Samsung’s Exynos 7420 Octa-core
    processor for an ideal management of workshop operations to keep all vehicle records, customer information, and other necessary images and data.

  • Capacitive Touch Screen on 10.1” LCDUser Interface through a capacitive touch screen technology provides the easiest and the most intuitive use of the diagnostic scan tools and its multiple functions. High resolution TFT screen offers greater readability and convenient touch-screen operation.

  • Measures the voltage or amperage signals of the vehicle’s sensors and actuator circuits to display these signals on the high resolution 4 trace scope.

  • Designed to support the 24V commercial vehicles systems, make direct connection to the buses and trucks. (Not available for US and Canada)

  • Based on the Android 6.0 system provides improved user interface and experience for fast boot-up, multi-tasking, better networking and enhanced system security.

  • Extensive Storage CapabilityThe internal flash of 64GB accommodates software applications and data for all brands with room to spare, and the external memory space up to 128GB allows an extensive storage for saving images and recorded data.
  • Pre & Post Diagnostic ReportDesigned to easily create a diagnostic report. The pre-scan report will highlight any issues that vehicles have, while the post-scan report will confirm that they have been resolved properly.

  • Wireless ConnectivityWi-Fi connection to the Internet allows for smart updates, quick feedback, TeamViewer support, wireless printing option, browsing and many more.

  • Rechargeable Battery Equipped with a rechargeable 6300 Ah battery. Besides the possibility to use the G-scan without an external power supply for hours, it also enables the advanced diagnostic functions that need to crank the engine


Category Specifications
CPU Exynos 7420 Octa Core @ 2.1 GHz
Operating System Android 6.0
System Memory Internal Flash 64GB, RAM 3GB
External Memory Micro SD Card (max. 128GB)
LCD 10.1″ TFT (1280 x 800 pixel)
Input Devices Capacitive Touch Screen, 3 Hard Keys (Power, Function 1, Function 2)
Camera Rear 13MP, AF, Flash Light
Sound Speaker(mono), Microphone and Earphone Jack
Rechargable Battery Li-ion Polymer, 6300mAh (3.7V), Hard Pack
Operating Voltage DC 9 ~ 30V
Sensors Gyro-sensor, Acceleration sensor
Dimension 304 x 208 x 35.5mm
External Port USB 2.0 Host 1ea, Host & Slave 1ea
Video Out HDMI
Network RJ45 Ethernet, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0

AC/DC Adapter

Category Specifications
Input Power 100 ~ 240V AC
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Input Current 0.8 A
Output Voltage 12V DC
Output Current 3 A

Diagnostic Report Function

Allows the users to create a report with Pre-scan and Post-scan result. Not only the users can save the reports as PDF file in G-scan 3’s memory; also with a help of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, users can simply print directly or send them to desired E-mail address.


Simple Menu Structure

No hassles for locating the metal tag and finding the correct engine codes. Simply select the diagnostic connector type before selecting the system to test when testing Japanese vehicles. No model Code, No Engine Code, No detailed menu selections are required.

Full Text Description

Thanks to screen control flesibility of Android system and its 1280 pixels wide screen, the full description of DTC codes and data parameter names are supported with G-scan. If longer than the screen, the full description appears in a pop-up window.


Handwritten Memo & Instant Screen Capture

Press the “View Finder” button on the bottom right corner, the current screen play is captured immediately and you can put your own handwritten memos and drawings by using the fingers or stylus pen. The captured image and the memo are saved in the memory for your retrieval. You can either send the image data to a printer to print or transfer to the PC or phone via bluetooth pairing connection.


Hyundai and KIA OEM S/W

Complete OEM software package is included (except ECU reprogramming), Select Hyundai or Kia from the Menu. Users can enjoy the complete function and performance of OEM tool for Korea’s leading brands.



J2534 Pass-thru

Supports ECU reprogramming on both Hyundai and Kia vehicles in J2534 pass-thru mode. It also operates as a J2534 pass-thru terminal for other vehicle manufactures supporting J2534 programming and diagnostics. This requires OEM-specific diagnostic software and the mode can be used by CAN-Bus, KWP2000, and ISO9141 protocols. ( exceptions may apply )

System Auto Search

No time consuming DTC search by “trial and error”, G-scan provides auto search function that tries to communicate with “ALL” systems in the car automatically. It reports back with the available system list and the number of DTCs’ of each system.
( Note : Not all vehicle selection menus provide the system and auto search )

Flight Record & Graphical Display

Diagnostic data can be recorded on the road test while the car is running the real driving condition. And recorded data (Flight Record) can be replayed both on G-scan or the larger PC screen. Also, these data can be displayed in graphical waveforms.


Self-Test Function

Many of field failures are found caused by the defective cable and connector, or the problems on the vehicle side. It gives huge impact on sales by causing complaints of the customers and negative influences by the unsatisfied users. G-scan provides “self-test function” that helps the users to determine whether the communication problem is caused by the base unit’s internal hardware / software reasons or by the external factors. It helps you to keep focused on sales, not on taking care of grumbling customers.


Data log and quick feedback support

In cases of communication or function failure, users can log the bi-directional data transmission between the tool and vehicle control systems. This log can be sent to the engineers through the log transfer function within the G-scan 3 device. The given data log files will be analyzed, feedback and patch file update may provided within 24 hours during workdays; when necessary.

  • Component
    Standard Kit
Optional Asian Car OBD AdaptersParts available as optional supply
Optional European Car OBD AdaptersParts available as optional supply
Optional Diagnostic Adapters for Commercial VehicleParts available as optional supply


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G-Scan3 Scanner جي سكان ل فحص السيارات

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